1.The activity in the complex takes place only with closed shoes and sports clothing.

2.The participant must receive a briefing from a staff member before starting the activity.

3.Do not be above or below another person during an activity.

4.You must obey the instructions of the instructors in the complex at all times. 5.The use of the curved wall device is only allowed after a safety briefing and a technique test by an instructor.

6.Do not bring food or drink into the complex except for water only.

7.Do not enter the facilities with rings, bracelets, necklaces or any other jewelry. Also, secure or remove any item of clothing that may fall or get caught in the facilities (glasses, watch).

8.Participants with long hair are asked to collect their hair during the activity. 9.Entry to the facility starting at age 4 and older. A child up to the age of 9 must be accompanied during the activity.

10.Please be sure to warm up before using the facilities.

11.Under no circumstances should you skip a step in the obstacle, you must go according to the order of the steps and not take a risk.

12.Be respectful to all those training in the complex and be attentive to the request of others.

13.Do not disconnect / move / change a training accessory in the complex without a permission from an instructor.

14.No entry under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

15.Use discretion - avoid activities that are not suitable for your level or that may endanger you or others.

16.The use of the facilities is prohibited: in the event that the trainee suffers from an orthopedic problem, a medical problem that reduces his judgment / ability to perform a normal activity, or suffers from a health condition that will worsen as a result of the activity. For pregnant women, for children under 4 years of age, for participants over 120 kg.

17.I choose of my own free will to participate in the activity in the complex and therefore I waive the right to sue the Ninja Academy for any injury except in cases of negligence.

18.For any question / misunderstanding / lack of orientation in one of the complex's facilities or regarding conduct in the complex, contact a staff member.

19.Any safety hazard/unusual event or risk factor throughout the complex must be reported to a staff member.

20.The company will not be responsible for any theft and/or loss and/or damage of your personal belongings during your visit to the complex.

21.The instructions are written in the masculine language for convenience only.


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